What To Expect On A Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Florida

A Fun Day Fishing At Sea

The deep sea fishing charter industry is growing, especially since the economy recovered from the recession and modern consumers are looking to pay more for experiences over material items. In coastal cities like Florida, there are many options for charter boat services for individuals or groups. So what are some things you can expect on a deep sea fishing charter in Florida?



Booking the trip

Full day group trips generally will not break the bank.  Most charters offer adult as well as kid prices. The cost of renting full day private trips depends on the company you book through and the type of boat you choose. There are many online sites for different charter trips and you can have a look at their ratings on TripAdvisor to select the best ones. While you can book using your debit or credit card, bring some cash onboard as it’s customary to tip the captain and crew for their great service! They are known to take excellent care of their customers


What should you bring on the trip?

fishing netsThere may be some experts who enjoy bringing their own fishing poles, however, services will provide rods, reels, bait, safety vests and an icebox for the fish. Their boats are equipped with proper fishing licenses so you don’t have to worry about that. You can even book trips that provide meals and snacks so you don’t have to bring your own food. If you don’t book that option, you can bring your own food onboard. Some charters allow you to bring alcoholic beverages while others don’t. Most charters don’t want you bringing glass on board due to safety issues. What you should do is wear proper closed-toed shoes and bring fishing clothes, sunscreen, hats, a bag or cooler to put your caught fish in, motion sickness medicine and most importantly, a great attitude!



What species of fish can you expect to catch?

This depends on the weather and the season. Depending on the season, you could either do bottom fishing or trolling. To find out more on what kind of fish you can expect to catch, you can call the charter service and ask the captain. If your goal is to catch large fish, you should generally book a full-day trip. This is because of the further away from shore you are, the bigger the fish.

fishing boat

Will you get to keep the fish you catch?

You most definitely can keep the fish you catch! There may be some regulations on the size and type of fish you’re allowed to keep depending on where you’re fishing, but the crew will let you know if you need to throw your catch back in. If you’re further out in the sea, you’re allowed to catch bigger fish. During the trip, the crew will store your fish in a cooler onboard. Afterwards, you’ll get to take your fish home in a baggie. Most charters offer services to fillet and skin your catch for an extra fee.
It’s very easy nowadays to book your deep sea fishing charter. As I stated in this article, you generally don’t need to bring much onboard, and the captain and crew will take very good care of you. Even if you’re just a beginner when it comes to fishing, the crew will help guide you through the process. The best part is that you’ll make amazing memories and you get to keep the delicious fresh catch!

We hope you have enjoyed this article.   We invite your comments and questions as well as your past fun experiences regarding our fishing charter.   We would love to hear from you.


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