5 Best Snacks To Take When Going on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Don’t Forget The Snacks

Fishing is hungry work.  All that fresh air along with the monotonous wait for the fish to take the bait makes one hungrier than when at home.  Overcoming the urge to pack the whole refrigerator and take food keeping a few practical considerations in mind can be a task.  Packaging and carrying are just as important when it comes to the Best Snacks to take when going on a deep-sea fishing trip.  Although most charter companies will provide lunch and snacks, sometimes you just want to take your own snacks too.  Here is a good list of things we like to take on trips when we go, and we hope it will help you in ideas of snacks to take with you too.

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Sandwiches are the first choice when considering a fishing trip and are essentially a complete meal in itself.  Carbohydrate, protein, vegetables all combined to give a healthy boost for a day out on the sea.  Opting for a whole grain bread with a meat of your choice and garnished with lettuce, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes can be just what the body needs when hunger bites.  Along with the nutrition value, the fact that a sandwich can be wrapped and packed hygienically adds to it being the number one choice for a deep-sea fishing trip.  In fact, you can also go for pies and pastries available in the market which have an added advantage of being pre-packed and sealed.




Beef Jerky and Cheese

Beef Jerky provides for that protein high in-between meals.  Though a little high on salt, they still are a healthy option since they do not have any fat or oils.  Cheese cubes can be a great snack for vegetarians.  There is something calming about nibbling on a bit of cheese while waiting for the fish to nibble on your bait.


Salads and Fruit

Packing a few fruits like banana, oranges, apples, or plums is a good idea.  They provide nutrients, fiber, and water to the body.  Also, uncut cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes are a healthy snack option.  These are clean, easy to pack and eat, and no mess no fuss munching food.



Trail Mix and Granola Bars

Snacking on a fishing trip can be really fun with a trail mix.  There is something wholesome in this nutty mixture that is extremely addictive and full of energy.  They come is a variety of options like sweet, salty, or savory.  Protein Bars or Granola Bars too are fishing trip food.  They really easy to carry and eat and provide for a significant amount of fiber and protein required for a fun day of fishing.  However, some varieties can be a little high on sugar, so you have to check the ingredients before buying.


Chips, Pretzels, Cheese & Crackers

These are just right for that munching in-between meals.  Though not the healthiest of options but who goes fishing every day.  They are fun to nibble on and help to pass time during the boring wait for the fish.  A little bit of indulgence is okay when the rest of the meals are healthy.

Along with all the snacks, one can carry, it is very important to stay hydrated.  Fishing out in the sun and fresh air robs the body of water and moisture and makes it lethargic.  Depending on the time you would be spending out in the sea, it’s a good idea to stock up on the water and also make sure you have an icebox to keep it cool.  Having a considerable stock of water or even Gatorade goes a long way to ensuring a healthy and fun Deep-Sea fishing trip.

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